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Helpful Escort-Etiquette

The Girlfriend Experience


In order to have a satisfying meeting we need some guidelines,

before we enjoy our time together. Mutual respect and discretion are always expected and will be generously rewarded.😊

  • Book at least 5-24 hours in advance, available between 10am - 10pm via SMS/E-Mail or contact form. For the booking, keep the communication short, max. 3 Emails/SMS to keep the excitement and anticipation for the date.

  • Confirm your reservation 3hours prior the booking with room number by SMS or call.

  • Be a gentleman; kind, courteous, and well-mannered. 


  • Please be well-groomed, showered, shaved, oral hygiene and clean clothes. 


  • Have the payment discretely in an envelope ready and hand over it unsolicited within the first 10min of the Date. Rates are non-negotiable.


  • Alcohol and drugs are a turn-off, so please refrain that for our meeting. 


  • Presents are not expected however, chocolate pralines are always a good choice.


  • Please respect my privacy and refrain from asking personal questions. Small Talk is always good.

  • After our meeting please do not send emails or text messages unless it is to book another appointment. 

  • If I'm not willing to do a particular extra service please respect "no" as an answer. 

  • The Girlfriend Experience is not only a physical interaction, it also involves companionship with great talks. 

  • The Travel Companion Service is a discreet Arrangement. Means when we travel there is no physical intimacy in public, only discreet in the hotel room.

  • Be gentle and for GV a condom is mandatory. 


  • The last 5 minutes of the meeting is for me to shower, so do not expect one last quickie. 


  • Our meeting will end with a hug and stay happy smile.  


  • If it was a great experience for you, I would be happy to welcome you as a regular client.

VIP Escort Zürich Schweiz

Mutual respect and discretion are always expected and will be generously rewarded. 

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