Helpful Escort-Etiquette

The Girlfriend Experience



  • Be a gentleman; kind, courteous, and well mannered. 


  • Please be well groomed, showered, shaved, oral hygiene and clean clothes. 


  • Fresh breath and teeth is a must, please brush. Peppermint bonbons are always a good idea. 


  • Have payment discretely in an envelope ready at the beginning of the meeting. Rates are non-negotiable.


  • Alcohol and drugs are a turn-off, so please refrain that for our meeting. 


  • Presents are not expected but chocolate pralinés are a good choice and make my heart smile.


  • Please respect my privacy and refrain from asking personal questions. Small Talk is always good.

  • After our meeting please do not send emails or text messages unless it is to book another appointment. Business is business.

  • If a I'm not willing to do a particular extra service please respect "no" as an answer. 

  • If you have questions about my service please e-mail me before booking. Max. 3 emails should be enough to arrange a meeting.


  • The Girlfriend Experience is not only a physical interaction, it also involves companionship. 

  • Be gentle and for GV a condom is mandatory. Communicate your needs.


  • If you would like to extend our meeting please let me know early enough and I will let you know based on my availability and extra charge.   

  • The last 10 minutes of the meeting is for me to shower, so do not expect one last quickie. 


  • Our meeting will end with a hug and stay happy smile.  


  • If it was a great experience for you; then I would be happy to welcome you as a regular client.

  • Book your date with me at least 24h in advance online, the sooner the better. I will then contact you as soon as possible for confirmation. My phone number is only visible after the official booking. Shortly before my arrival for our date, we will confirm again by text or phone that everything is ok and the planned meeting will also take place. Book Now!


Mutual respect and discretion are always expected and will be generously rewarded. 

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